Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where, When and How of the swifts of Costa Rica

Hi all,

I regret my lack of spanish. But I am on a quest to see all the species of swift in the world. I've taken a look at the Lista Oficial of Costa Rica and here are the swifts that I'd like to maximize my chances of seeing:

Cypseloides cryptus White-chinned Swift R
Cypseloides cherriei Spot-fronted Swift R
Streptoprocne rutila Chestnut-collared Swift R
Streptoprocne zonaris White-collared Swift R

Chaetura fumosa Costa Rican Swift R
Chaetura cinereiventris Gray-rumped Swift R
Panyptila cayennensis Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift R

I will be in the country for about 10 days, will have access to a car and will focus my efforts in the Central Valley and the Pacific Slope. The timeframe for my visit will be Feb 21-Mar 1. I request info on the where, when and how of searching for swifts in Costa Rica:

1) Where should I look? I have made a editable map which can be found here: Please feel free to make notes and such on the map.,-83.753428&spn=3.918901,8.344116&z=8&msid=105619599557126271692.0004607670e5411890ec7
2) When should I look? For example, "in the evenings these birds roost behind the waterfall." would be a great note.
3) Identification: I understand the _Cypseloides_ are cryptic and any tips on how to ID them would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I too will research and be making annotations to this map.

Elias Elias
Arcata CA USA

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